Weekly Pokie Promo's 

Monday: All Day - Triple Points 

Tuesday: All Day - Double Points

Wednesday: KINGS MONEY - 1:30 - 3pm. 6 Draws to win. Every 15 Minutes. Win up to $175.00

Thursday: LUCKY DIP BOX - 1:30 - 3pm.- What you could win; Free Drink - Bowl of Chips - $10 off your meal, $10, $20 or $30 cash!

Friday: KING PACK - 4 - 5pm - What you could win; $5 Keno, $20 Cash, x2 Pavilion Vouchers, $15 Members Card and receive $2 Tokens with Main Meals. (Between, 5:30 and 8pm) 

Sunday: HEAVENLY CASH - 2 - 4pm -  6 Draws to win. Every 15 Minutes. Win up to $175.00. 

JACKPOT HEAVEN - Start at $200 - go up by $100 until win! Max $1000 (Must be here to win) 


How to play Keno
Keno is a fun game of chance that gives you the chance to win a minimum of $1 million every 3.5 minutes. In every Keno game 20 numbers are randomly generated from a possible 80.

You can choose how many numbers you wish to play, which is referred to as a ‘Spot’. Spot 1 means you can select 1 number, while Spot 10 means you can select 10 numbers. If your selected numbers come up in the 20 numbers drawn, you win.

Playing Keno is Easy

Decide your Keno Spot. Either mark your numbers on a Keno Coupon*, play favourite numbers stored on your Easiplay Club card, or ask for a QuickPick and the terminal will randomly generate the numbers for you.
Decide how much you wish to play per game. You can play between $1 and $100 per game.
Choose how many draws you wish to play. You can play between 1 and 500 consecutive draws.

Mets on Kings supports and practices the responsible service of alcohol and responsible service of gambling.