The Metropolitan Caloundra Surf Club is a not for profit venue, that offers it’s patrons Bar, Bistro and Gaming facilities, with all proceeds going directly to support vital life saving activities on Kings Beach.

We have recently completed a significant redevelopment of the club, being the construction of an open air deck, for the use and enjoyment of members and patrons.

To assist the funding of this initiative, we have offered individuals and businesses the opportunity to contribute to it’s construction through our “Buy a Board” campaign.

Each board in the deck is inset with a permanently affixed metal disc, inscribed with the name of the donor to acknowledge their contribution. Furthermore, an “honor plaque” that acknowledges the role of each donor, is erected for permanent display at the entry to the new part of the club.

Much of Caloundra’s popularity as a holiday destination can be attributed to its reputation as a safe place for families to enjoy the beach. Metropolitan Caloundra Surf Life Saving plays a vital part in maintaining this reputation and in turn contributes significantly to the prosperity of the region. By participating in the 'BUY A BOARD' initiative you will be helping your local community.

For more information and to download the application form click below.